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The Nielsen Method. A Winning Solution

How it works

The Nielsen Method is the signature product of Nielsen Communication, a new way of approaching corporate communications that enables our customers to promote their corporate image at No Cost, thanks to the support of key business partners which purchase advertising space, thereby becoming the most enthusiastic sponsors of your project.

Originally focused on the creation of brochures, the Nielsen Method has been expanded and developed well beyond the brochure concept. Today, at No Cost, Nielsen Communication produces a broad range of marketing and corporate communications projects, including brochures (of course), catalogues, daily planners, calendars, websites, corporate videos, and much, much more... the sky is the limit!

All Nielsen Communication services are delivered as turnkey projects, inclusive of consultancy, fundraising, graphic design, translations, photographs, printing, and everything else needed to achieve the final product, requiring only a minimum of the customer’s time.
Just provide us with a simple list of your suppliers and business partners, along with clear input during the planning stage, and leave the rest to us. Your final satisfaction is the concrete guarantee of the quality of our work.

The Nielsen Method is a win-win situation for all the parties involved. Read on to understand why.


Advantages for Customers

1) 2500 free brochures delivered directly to your offices, printed in colour on high-quality paper.

2) Minimum time-investment. Customers need only provide us with a list of their main suppliers and partners, and input during the planning stage. Nielsen Communication takes care of all the rest, including contacting suppliers, materials, photos, texts, graphic layout, printing and logistics.

3) Maximum customisation. Nielsen Communication’s graphic designers assist in the development of original, innovative solutions not only in terms of graphics, but also in the use of new materials and printing technologies. Everything is tailored specifically to the needs of the individual customer.

4) Nielsen’s guaranteed commitment. The Nielsen Method is a risk-free opportunity at no cost to the customer. Learn and come to appreciate how our company works by giving us the chance to understand how we can raise the prestige of your company through ideas, creativity and communications. Customer satisfaction is the key to our joint future growth.

Advantages for Sponsors

Purchasing advertising space in publications produced by Nielsen Communication brings a whole series of advantages for sponsors.
1) Through their financial contribution, suppliers that purchase advertising space support their customers in promoting their goods and services. The result is growth in sales for the customer, and growth in orders for the supplier.
2) In contrast with industry journals and other generic publications, companies that invest a part of their marketing budget in an advert in a Nielsen Method brochure are in fact purchasing advertising space in a long-term publication with a targeted readership in the sector of reference, where potential new customers are most highly concentrated.
3) By purchasing advertising space, sponsors send a strong signal of their support and appreciation for their customers, thereby consolidating existing business relations and laying the bases for positive future developments in the partnership.
4) Purchasing advertising space in a Nielsen Method publication is also an occasion to refresh the corporate image of the sponsor. Nielsen Communication assists sponsors in creating or restyling logos, a co-ordinated image, and graphic compositions, and in everything else tied to corporate communications.